Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Now you see it....

...Now you don't!
(I'm going to miss all those perfect, tiny baby teeth!!!)

Hayley survived a whole year of kindergarten and most of her first grade year thinking that she would "just die" if she didn't hurry up and lose a tooth soon! Poor kid. It's tough to be the last!

This is the tooth fairy pillow I made when I was a kid. Amazingly I still have it in my memorabilia (thanks mom!) It was fun to pull it out and show it to Hayley. Plus the idea helped us pass some time during the looooong week of waiting for her tooth to go from "loose" to "out"!

She even got to learn a little about using a sewing machine even if she was crazy excited and silly!
The finished product!

And the adorable note that she wrote to the tooth fairy (I remember writing one that was almost exactly the just made me so sad to give my beloved tooth away!)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I should be flattered...

...that Alice spends her days and nights with my purse on her arm.
...that Alice is responsible enough to check that my wallet, keys and cell phone are all in the purse (no tricking this kid!)
...that I have to ask my 2 year old for my credit card when we are at the store. (If I even think about getting it myself, from the purse on her arm, she lets the world know that her space is being violated. So the store clerk and I wait patiently while she finds the right card and allows me to use it, as long as I return it right away!)
...that my little shadow loves to be stylin' by wearing my sunglasses even if they are just used as a convenient headband while mom squints into the sun.
...spends her days pacing the house with a notebook and pencil--no-doubt making endless to-do lists!
...doesn't forget to lodge the cell phone between her neck and ear and has pretend conversations with plenty of laughter as she writes in her notebook (what a multi-tasker!)
...that there is always a fingerprint on the camera lens and very few pictures to be found these days that are taken from my vantage point!

I should be flattered...and it's much easier to remember that since I went out and bought a new purse!