Sunday, December 16, 2012

Alone with Audrey

December 2012: 21 months

Audrey & I have a few precious hours each week when it's just the two of us.
I will often use that time to get errands done.  
Shopping with one "helper" is way easier that 2 or 4!

Audrey has sensitive little eyes and always tells us when it's "bite!  bite!" (bright)
Her sunglasses save the day.
I love that she will wear them through a whole store 
or carefully position them on her head just like Mom.  

Audrey is talking up a storm.
We love her singing too.
She'll sing Twinkle, Twinkle to herself when she's just hanging out.

This week she's been really excited about baby dolls & strollers.  
I think we had 5 strollers set up for a day or two.  
I love watching her be a little mommy to her dolls.

She was determined to get diapers on every doll!

Another favorite distraction right now is marbles.  Audrey could play with these all day!

She rolls them down her car garage ramp over and over again!

Picks them up with tongs, puts them in and out of ice cube trays 
and of course rolls them under couches, the piano, and into every corner.  
Choking hazard?  Sure...but just think of those fine motor skills!

This cute little kid walked to the bus stop with me the other day.
I'm a pretty lucky mom!