Thursday, November 8, 2012

Storm Rolls

We have a tradition that we're all really loving..."Storm Rolls"
Winter 2009-2010
It started a couple years ago when we got snowed into our house for several days twice in the same winter.
We happened to have ingredients for Cinnamon rolls so we made a bunch.  The kids took invites to lots of neighbors (who had no excuse because nobody was going anywhere!).  It was such a fun excuse to visit with neighbors!  I highly recommend you adopt this tradition.  Sure makes me want to get snowed in more often!

So when we heard that hurricane Sandy was on it's way last week we checked our ingredients and decided we were all ready for the big storm! (we made sure we had more important stuff too!)

I might be biased....there's nothing good-for-you about them....but these are YUMMY!!!  Cinnamon rolls are starting to become a signal to me that it's time to snuggle up with my family and love every second of slowing down!  Bring on the winter!


3 TBS dry yeast
3 c. very warm water    
1 c. sugar

Mix with wire wisk.
Let sit for 10 minutes.

¼ c. vegetable oil     
1 TBS salt
8 cups flour
Dough should be soft, yet not too sticky.  
Put a little oil in a large bowl, make the dough into a ball & cover it with oil.  
Let rise for an hour with a towel covering it.
Roll dough out with rolling pin onto a flour covered surface into a rectangle shape.  

Spread ½ c. softened butter over entire area with spatula.  

Mix together& spread evenly:
1 ½ c. brown sugar 
2 TBS cinnamon.  
Roll dough into a log. (I cut it into two rectangles so the rolls are smaller)  
Cut slices about 1-1 ½ inches wide (I use thread to cut).  
Place onto a ungreased baking pan and let rise for 30 more minutes.   
Bake @ 350 for 12-15 minutes or until tops are golden brown.  
Frost immediately with cream cheese frosting.
Cream Cheese Frosting
8 oz cream cheese softened
1 stick butter softened
2 tsp vanilla
1 box powered sugar

Beat ingredients with electric mixer until smooth.  
Add small amounts of milk for desired consistency.