Monday, September 21, 2009

First Grade

September 8, 2009
Is this one cute, excited first grader or what? (and one bad fuzzy picture...sorry it's all I've got!) I can't believe how fast she's growing up!

Reasons I know she's really a big kid now:
  • She loves watching movies with us that we actually like to watch! This summer she kept pulling out some great classics like Pollyanna, Parent Trap (the old one), Swiss Family Robinson, and Old Yeller.
  • She teases us in a very mature way and can keep a straight face--so it really is funny!
  • During the first week of school she said:
-"Mom, when can I get married?"
-my calm response, "Oh? Why do you want to get married"
-her dramatic response, "'cause I just have boys on my brain all the time!!!"

Luckily she went on to name her 7 boyfriends, many of which included her cousins. (okay, and the bad-boy from school with the pierced ear that she's had a crush on for a whole year already...ugg...I have to restrain myself from pointing out what cute boys look like--I have a feeling mom's opinions don't matter in this subject!)

And Hayley's cheerleaders-Maya & Alice! We miss you Hayley-bug!


Paul and Nancy said...

Holy Cow!! I cannot believe Hayley! It looks like you may have your hands full when she is a teenager! I still cannot believe she is so Boy Crazy!! So funny though! Good Luck JaNae!

Kayelynn said...

Hayley is so cute! That comment! I can almost picture the look on your face when she said that she has boys on her brain! :)

Anna said...

Esther has been telling me for over a year that she is going to marry the boy round the corner. Luckily he is a nice church member though I'm not sure he feels quite the same....

Thanks for the Polly pocket advice - I bit the bullet this morning and bought a pop n swap multipack and figured it would just make up for the fact that last year I only spent £5 on birthday presents for her!!! Pop n swap sounds good too as Eliza still likes to eat little dolls shoes and clothes....! Can't wait to see Esther's face when she opens her presents!

Jesse Stay said...

Janae, please tell Ryan hi for me - he and I were best friends in High School. (Chris Brown pointed me to this site) We need to get him on Facebook! Andrew Britton, Chris Brown and I are all talking about him. ;-) My Facebook profile is at