Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween-ing 2009

I tried to fully appreciate how stress-free Halloween costumes were around here this year! I know that one day that is going to change but for now--kids look at costumes at the store but they don't even think to buy them let alone beg for them. They don't even ask me to make elaborate costumes the night before. They simply go to their dress up closet an hour before trick or treating begins and choose something to wear.

These are our two Dorothy's from the Wizard of Oz--with their favorite stuffed dogs dressed up as Toto.

Maya had thought she was going to be a princess (no lack of options in the closet for that) but then Hayley chose to wear the little school uniform dress that G&G T sent her (she actually wears it to school all the time and people always tell her she looks like Dorothy). She managed to convince Maya to dress up as Dorothy also. Only Maya decided she didn't want to wear the school uniform dress that actually looks like a Dorothy dress. She wore a different blue and white dress because it had little flowers on it--so she really wasn't "dressed up" at all. But the important thing is they both thought they were Dorothy!

And with matching pink sparkly shoes that dressed up as ruby red slippers we and our imaginations went trick-or-treating!

This little bug just happened to fit into a pumpkin fairy outfit that I had bought in post Halloween clearance sales several years ago. It just hasn't fit anyone at the right time of year yet. She was a cutie and learned the rules of trick or treating really fast!

This is the double-sucker suck! Inhale that sugar!!!

The loot...this picture doesn't do it justice. We did one drop part way through trick-or-treating to empty buckets at home. Then by the time we were done I had to help Maya carry her bucket it was so heavy. She just about stumbled every time she took it to go up to another door. Time to go home!


Miss Beevers said...

So cute!!! You have such a lovely family, JaNae!!! Sadly, I flew out from USA on Halloween so didn't get to participate in the festivities, though nearly EVERY lawn was richly decorated with Halloween decorations! Hope you had a lovely time!

Tammy said...

How darling! The girls look great...and really excited about their loot.