Thursday, April 28, 2011

A day off

As much as I love being mom to 4 darling girls...this week caught up with me.  [read: I'm tired, overwhelmed and a nut-case!]

My mom showed up on my doorstep yesterday to rescue me....then 6 hours later drove away with 2 of my kids for a couple days. more kid off to school this morning and I am left with a day off!  Audrey keeps me company occasionally but in between I'm soaking up the silence and wondering how my house is so clean without even trying!  Bliss!

After painting my nails, I decided to treat myself to a binge-blogging's nice to be reminded of how wonderful my life is in pictures especially when it has felt so hard recently.

If you put on your rosy glasses (or have a grandma to save the day) is all good!


Tammy said...

How wonderful! Thanks for binge-blogging! I love to read about and see pictures of your girls.

Tolberts in Motion said...

I enjoyed catching up on your wonderful family! Alice, Maya, and Hayley all look so grown up since we last saw you guys!