Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Weekend with the Cousins

April 2nd-3rd

Hanging out at Grammy & Grandpa's house with all the cousins is pretty fun!

Alice, Chloe & Nicole (Dean's kids)

My parents moved into their new home about 3 months ago.
We're happily adjusting to all the many benefits of being surrounded by family!
We spent Conference weekend over there with my brother Dean's family.

There's a Barbie and Lego playland going on here
Down at the creek behind their house
The lego boat race in the icey creek water!

Audrey was kind enough to help several people get a good nap!
It's her special skill right now.

And I had a few lazy minutes to capture my little babe.


Miss Beevers said...

GORGEOUS photographs, JaNae! Please say hi to all your family for me!

Kayelynn said...

So sweet to see grandma sleeping on the couch with your little baby girl. Legos AND a stream?!?! Sounds like heaven!