Thursday, September 27, 2012


 It was a busy afternoon and evening.
There were some unplanned changes to the schedule.
Then the "crazy" in me made a bad decision.
Since we were driving past Costco on our 3 hour after school jaunt...
might as well run in for milk!
But it was almost bedtime, the kids were running on snacks & hoping for dinner soon.
It wasn't a disaster but left me wondering why I try to squeeze too much in?!?!
When we finally got home I stuck this fussy baby on the counter next to me 
while I whipped up an amazing 5 minute dinner.

She's a smart kid.
Why wait 5 minutes when you have a block of cheese next to you?
Go to town baby!

Flashback 12+ years.
Ryan & I were married in England.  
It was a double wedding with my brother & wife (for convenience not cuteness!)
I'm the second oldest of 11 kids.
I had siblings all the way down to 2 years old at the wedding.
Plus 2 families of in-laws.
It was a zoo..a happy wonderful zoo!

At some point in the happy chaos Ryan and I walked into a room and found my 2 year old brother in fetal position on the floor.  We tried to coax him to tell us what was wrong.  Eventually we found out that he was simply guarding a large block of cheese that he had managed to escape the kitchen with.  It was carefully nibbled around all the edges.

I'm sure glad to know that kids are resourceful when our mothering falls short.
And I always need to keep a block of cheese in my fridge!

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Diana said...

I'll never forget the poor starving benj and his hunk of cheese. Welcome back to the world of blogging - I love you.