Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Window to My World

This is our front window.  This is our life!  

It started with one picture that she was really proud of.  We really love the new neighborhood art gallery!

Coloring is Alice's passion right now.  She colors from sun up to sun down.  In the car.  On the couch.  At the table.  In her bed.  This week's flavor is Halloween pictures.  It buys me a quiet time.  Then I usually color a couple with her after quiet time.

On the same day that I decided to take pictures of Alice's art work, Audrey decided to make sure that her art was picture worthy too!  Soon after the pictures above, Audrey woke up and the older girls got home from school.  I was trying to be the engaged, present mom I want to be by sitting at the kitchen table and talking with the school kids about their day.  Audrey left snack time after a few minutes.  Little did I know, there was a box of markers in the front room...

But she's so darn cute it's hard to be mad!  And it all came out (phew!)


Rhonda said...

Oh I am glad it all came out!! She IS a cutie! =) And beautiful pictures of Alice coloring!

Kayelynn said...

Oh no! We've been there and I love those couches! We have the same. I have a trick for pen, if it comes to that. ;) What cute little artists you have there!