Monday, September 8, 2008

Money doesn't grow on trees!

If you read my post about my house not being a daycare you'll laugh at this new change in our life!

Somehow in the past year our grocery and gas bills have almost doubled--guess we're feeling the strain of a crazy inflated economy! I'm sure many of you know what I'm talking about. Ryan and I were both feeling the need to supplement our income a little so that we can meet financial goals that we have. We've both been blessed with perfect opportunities and are so grateful for such easy ways to make a little extra money right now with minimal impact to our family.

I am taking care of a 6 year old neighborhood girl before and after school. Her name is Jasmine. She arrives just before 6am. She rests while I exercise then we all get ready for school and I take her and Hayley to the same school together. What's one more body in the morning chaos anyways?!? She comes home with Hayley at 3:30 and we play and do homework. Her mom picks her up just before dinner. It couldn't be more perfect. I still get daytimes with just my 2 at home and we still get evenings with our family. To top it off I wouldn't have done it if Jasmine wasn't such an angel. She's so mature and well mannered. She and Hayley get along great and she's good with Maya and Alice. Thankgoodness for blessings!

Ryan is turtoring 2 high school boys. (Tutoring pays really great in the DC area if any of you need a side job!) He's teaching spanish to one of them (he's a homeschooled kid). The other boy he tutors in chemistry and algebra. Ryan is such a natural teacher and seems to actually be enjoying his new side-show! We're also grateful that as long as he heads into work early, he can get home for dinner and time with the family most nights!

Anyways, that's our solution to grow more money on our tree! What's yours?


Gina said...

Janae-that is so great. It sounds like you've found the perfect arrangement with Jasmine. She is adorable!
You guys are working so hard right now! Dave Ramsey would be proud of your "gazelle intensity!"

Kayelynn said...

First, that's so funny! What will the HOA say? Hehehe! Second, way to make that tree grow! The picture of the girls is so cute!

Anne said...

Before I had kids, I didn't think I could ever handle a contant tending routine. But really, when I watch kids, especially when the child is close to the same age as my own - it's actually easier cause they play and entertain each other in the process. For you to be able to make money while letting your kids doing what they do naturally - PLAY! Is truely a blessing! I'm glad to hear it's working out for you.
For me, the squeeze is in our grocery budget and gas. I'm trying to plan ahead more so I can walk the kids to and from school, and I'm trying to organize a menu plan to avoid unnecessary spending at the grocery store. (ps - I bought that Deliciously deceptive book you mentioned a while back. Not to bad, I just tweek a few reciepes to match our families taste. Thanks for the recomendation).