Monday, December 21, 2009

Foot Fetish

I love discovering kids little quirks! Maybe this one is revolting if it's not your kid but I just find it adorable. Alice is our little toe-picker. She loves to clean out her toes as you try to change her diaper. On this day, Hayley had sat on the couch to get a foot rub and a heart to heart with mom after a hard day at school, when Alice decided that Hayley's feet really needed some cleaning out between the toes first! What a little cutie...

Funny thing is, Hayley's obsession is foot rubs. She gives good ones too! So pretty soon we'll have a full foot service salon in our house.
Alice: clean 'em out and get them ready
Hayley: rub and moisturize you think she could specialize in toe nail painting?

I'll work on it. Considering I can't stand feet...don't even like to touch my own...I've got a good thing going here!

p.s. did you notice the new front room set up in that top picture. If you've been here...we converted our front room into a much larger room by moving some major furniture. Believe me it's no small task to move a 75 gallon fish tank!!! But we did it with no fish deaths. And I love the new set up...we can actually all fit in the front room now and the shag rug just calls to me to sit on the floor and play with the kids!


Rhonda said...

Alice is such a cutie. I love kid quirks!

The living room looks amazing and so spacious! Where did the piano go?

Tammy said...

Can't wait to get my toes inspected and rubbed by these girls!

Krista said...

I totally noticed your front room before I even got to the part where you wrote about it!! It looks awesome!! I love it! I can't imagine how spacious it must feel now! Man...we need to catch up...