Monday, December 28, 2009

Uncle Paul

We're so happy that Uncle Paul (JaNae's little brother) finally made it in spite of the snow storm the weekend before Christmas. It's been almost 3 years since we've seen him and it was fun to reconnect and get to know him again.

By the time he got here we had exactly 19 hours to catch up before he was off again. Lots of wrestling, cuddling, reading books and a quick late night talk filled our few hours. By some miracle the kids all warmed up immediately and fell in love with Uncle Paul. Maya was even balling hysterically as we said goodbye.

I must little brother is growing up. He laughed at me as I struggled to imagine him doing grown up things (like falling head-over-heels in love...isn't he like 12 years old still?!?!) Being second of 11 kids its always a fun experience to get to know my little siblings once they reach adulthood but its always harder than I imagined to "let" them grow up in my head! I swear the realization that they are growing up always ages me a few years...Is this what it's going to feel like when my own babies start heading out into life? I'm sure it will be much worse!

We're so glad you didn't give up and you made it even for one short day Paul!!!


Miss Beevers said...

And then Uncle Paul came to England! We have just arrived home from visiting your family!!! Always a lovely time had by all!! xx

Anna said...

Here, here Bex! Had a great time with the Thiriots as usual - even had a quick chat to Nancy amongst the chaos! Next time maybe we'll have a quick chat with you!

Kraig n Melissa said...

It's nice to see your updated pictures of your girls, and to see Paul, too! He sounds like he's doing great. I saw him right after he got back from his mission. I know what you mean about not being able to picture these 'kids' doing grown-up things when they actually ARE grown up and we're just getting OLD!