Sunday, July 11, 2010

April Highlights

Hayley turned 7!

We took cupcakes to her classroom that day.

On odd-numbed birthdays we just do a family party.
We still have lots of fun--just take out the chaos.
Hayley chose Chuck E. Cheese with the family and Grandma.

Then our first trip ever to Build-a-Bear.
(I've always been a skeptic of how much money a stuffed animal there can cost but I have to admit...the experience was so much fun for the girls!)

We ran out of energy and the next night we had her birthday cake.
Requested flavor: brownies with chocolate chips baked into the top. Yummy!

My mom, Grammy, happened to be in town so 2 nights after her birthday we ended up out at dinner with Grammy and found ourselves still celebrating!

My Mom and little brother, Adam thought they were stopping through for a quick "hello" after a month of traveling around the states to help with grand-babies. But a volcano eruption over Iceland reeked havoc on the airlines schedule so we got an extra 5 days with them!

I love these pictures of Grammy and the girls!

We're so glad that we got extra time to play and have fun together!

About 2 days after Grammy left to go home to England, Grandpa flew out to DC for a business trip (they barely crossed paths as he left!)

It's pitiful that I don't have a single picture of our quick hello from Grandpa but I did find photographic evidence (mostly from Alice) that he'd been here....

Grandpa knows how to spoil his grandkids...he showed up with a big ol' trampoline this time! (It has an enclosure on it...this is just the pics during assembly)

New books to read...My Dad loves books!
This picture definitely means Grandpa has been around.

They never last long, but Cadbury chocolate and ice cream is the sure way to a grandchild's heart! It was way too quick but we're glad we got some hugs Grandpa!

The Messicks doorstep shot!

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Krista said...

Love the April post. That's my favorite way to blog...get it all done it one post!! Happy Birthday Hayley!