Thursday, July 22, 2010

Happy Fourth of July

Our great friends and neighbors have 3 boys. On the fourth of July we all came outside to pop those little thing-ys that you throw on the ground. So much fun! Both families happened to have our 3 kids matching and, it's no perfect smiling picture but it's not often we get all 6 busy bodies in one picture frame--and they've never been coordinated before!!!

A family that we go to church with has a house that backs up to a golf course. About 200 yards away is a big firework launch. So every year hundreds of us walk through their back yard onto the golf course, Set up our chairs and wait for it to get dark. It's the perfect length and we're home 5 minutes later! Fun times


Gina said...

Love the cute matchy-matchy outfits!

Miss Beevers said...


Paul and Nancy said...

Um...did you buy my girls some?? They are adorable dresses and even cuter girls in them! Love it!