Friday, September 17, 2010

Laugh the day away...

Last Sunday I kept finding myself staring at Alice. She just looked so grown up and beautiful...I'm not sure if she really changed overnight but it sure seemed like it. Luckily she let me do a little photo shoot to catch the moment!

Alice loves life!
(see that glint in her eyes!)

I think she inherited much of her happy & carefree personality from my brother, Adam. Crazy little kid that he was...I remember him making me insane when I had to babysit him. He was always in trouble and always laughing about it!!!

Life is funny and there's hardly a situation that can't be laughed at for Alice. It makes disciplining especially difficult as she belly laughs in my face no matter how heated and mad I get! The thing is--she isn't trying to be bad--she just really sees humor in all things. (I'm now sure my face is pretty comical when I'm mad!)

She also thinks her only purpose in our family is to tease. It doesn't matter if the object of her teasing is laughing, screaming or crying. Teasing must be done by someone! Her teasing habits have been increasing exponentially lately. Her sisters will either learn patience or suffer!

I love that I have a kid that forces me to laugh in difficult situations...I love her so much!
I know I have happier days because of her little smile and laugh.


Paul and Nancy said...

Just looking at those pictures put a smile on my face! She is beautiful and such a doll! She totally does remind me of Adam....little cheeky girl!

Rhonda said...

She is gorgeous and so grown up! I love what a happy girl she is. Loved this post!

Tammy said...

Boy! I think it's her's so darling. She is such a great girl.

Anna said...

Eliza is just like that! Poor Esther and Alice.... Hope you are starting to feel better! Can't remember if I congratulated you on your wonderful news or not.... so CONGRATULATIONS! Plus your parents will be moving closer soon hey? I was so sad when I found out -happy for you but sad for England! I always thought that since they lived here still sometime you might all come over and we'd see you all again(a long-shot I know) but now that possibility is being taken away! Boo hoo!

Ferrel Family said...

I love that dress and hair bow, she looks soo cute! It's funny how one day you look at your child and they do seem to have changed over night. Fun post!
I'll have to check out the Family Fun Website. I forgot about them and they always have really fun holiday crafts and things for kids!

Lexie said...

What a cutie pie and what a fun personality it sounds like she has, I think we'd get along great!