Sunday, February 27, 2011

Birthday Boy

Lest we forget....there is one boy in our house!

I thought it was cute this year that the girls were really concerned that Ryan have a "boy" birthday (not that I've ever made him a princess cake...but to be honest he probably has survived pink wrapping paper!)

They were really excited to pick out Star Wars table decor and red, yellow, green and blue balloons for him.

And as the best Dad ever...he had to survive lots of attention and love on his birthday!

Ryan with his little girls...
Outnumbered or not, he sure is a loved part of our home!!!


Paul and Nancy said...

I love that last picture with Ryan and the girls! Happy b day Ryan!

Christina Bassi said...

Hi Janae. I found it. You have the cutest family. We hope that we one day have a little girl. I bet having three is a blast. You guys sound like us with all the birthdays all at once. April is our busy time. Tell your husband we said happy Birthday!