Sunday, February 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Alice

We now have a very cute 3 year old!

This many!

3 cute sisters celebrating!

Alice loves the Disney movie Robin Hood so really wanted a Robin hood cake.
But I couldn't find figurines anywhere and wasn't feeling any more creative than that...
So she happily agreed to a princess cake.

This time, each of the girls decorated their own princess.  So fun!

Then we partied at Grandma's house...

A few things about our Alice:

She is so independent!  Not just the 2 year old "I want to be independent" but she really takes care of herself and her things better than her older sisters!  It's great!

She loves everything from princesses and dress ups to building sets and trains

She gives the best cuddles and has the greatest big smile!

She loves to tease and laugh.

She's been accepted into the circle of sister-play.  It's fun to see her as part of the gang!

She's excited to be a big sister (but probably has no idea how her world is going to change!)


Paul and Nancy said...

Happy Birthday Alice! Abi sure loves you! I just have to say that we love to shop at the same store. My girls have the rainbow versions of those outfits and the t-shirts with the same pattern as Alice's pants! I just love target clothes!!

Kayelynn said...

She's adorable! Please give me a quick description on how to make those darling princess cakes. They are so, so cute!

Paul and Melissa said...

SO CUTE ALICE!!! I can't wait to see you at Christmas time :D