Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Getting older is funny...I find interest in things I never thought possible!

Besides the mini-van, wheat grinder and bosch mixer excitement, I must confess that sometime in the past year or so I've become much more fascinated with the news.

We don't have cable. (I do we survive?!?!) The main reason I dream about cable right now, is so I can have good news channels whenever I want. I'm super excited to run on the treadmill in the morning and try to time it so that it's not too early so I can catch the morning headlines at 7am on the Today Show at the end of my workout (but still get done before I have a bunch of little helpers).

So the majority of my news intake comes from the internet. I got into this kind of haphazardly so I really haven't compared the different news sites. I started going to ABC news because Ryan would leave it up.

My question to you: what internet news sites do you like? Why? Is there a better site I should have bookmarked?


Veldon and Joyce said...

I quit getting the newspaper - some weeks it would just stack up and get thrown away. I like to listen to the first few mins of news in the morning while eating breakfast but need to supplement with something on the internet. MSN is just not enough.

Rhonda said...

I just discovered google news. You can personalize the page so that the sections you like are at the top. You can also "create" a section with the topic of your choice. For example, I created an "education" section, so I get articles having to do with education. Anyway, I quite like it. I do have to be careful about reading the news though. Some things in the news really get me freaked out or depressed about all the bad things there are out there. I just try to read the interesting or uplifting stuff. Have fun!