Thursday, July 3, 2008

Work Team BBQ

Last weekend we had a BBQ with the people on Ryan's team at work. It was so fun for a "work party"! There's been some turn-over in the past months and it's not someplace that I just drop by, so I hadn't met everyone that Ryan works with. I was so impressed with what a fun group it was. I'm surprised they get anything done at work!

I must say it was one of the first work events that I have felt comfortable at in a long time. Usually, as the only stay-at-home mom, I feel like the fuddy-duddy idiot with no brain that changes moms know what I mean! So any of you at work that check this...thanks for being cool and making Ryan's job so pleasant! The food was yummy too!

Hayley was in heaven with the dogs that showed up. I have to admit that one of them was so cute that Ryan and I started thinking maybe we could do the dog thing someday...but don't tell Hayley!


Megan Worthen said...

Well hello, my friends! You have a beautiful family and I can't believe I've found you after all these years. I love you guys! Love, Megan Worthen

Timmy tim tim said...

I'll just assume you were talking about my dog.

JaNae said...

Megan! Howdy-ho. How fun to see your name pop up...only problem is you link me to a blank blog. I have so many are you? whatcha up to? where are you, etc etc...let's go to email. If you check this again email me at and I'll give you my "real" email to correspond with me at.

JaNae said... know BJ is just so love-able...I had to be referring to him!

Ferrel Family said...

Alyvia said, "Cool Cake!" It does look very cool. It looks like you had a fun work party, and bonus that got along with everyone. It's always fun to see who your hubby works with every day!