Sunday, October 12, 2008

Welcome Aunt Tammy!

Ryan's youngest sister, Tammy moved in with us 2 weeks ago...hurray!!! We love having Aunt Tammy's fun loving personality around so much. Tammy is so great with kids plus she's so fun to talk to!

Tammy graduated from BYU in Anthropology in April. She's moved out here to D.C. to utilize a lot of contacts that she has in the museum field and hopefully to land a great career. Besides the full-time work of job hunting and networking she's studying for the GRE and working on several other worth while projects. She's been so brave figuring out mass-transit and getting involved in the D.C. singles life.

We promise we're trying to carry on living life as normal and not take advantage of Tammy too often but it's hard because she's just so sweet and giving all the time! I have to admit it's been nice to have an extra pair of hands many times, especially on Ryan's long days. It's fun to have more adult conversation during the day and someone to do dishes with at night. I also love the great self-confidence builder that Tammy is. Whenever she is witness to a melt-down or temper tantrum or whatever other parenting trials I may face, she always compliments me and seems genuinely impressed with how I handled it. Everyone should have an Aunt Tammy on their shoulder to say "great job, Mom!"

I'm also really excited to find my inner-artist (that I've never really found!) Tammy is an artist and has an appreciation for art all around her. It's so fun to see the world from her eyes sometimes. It's helping me to appreciate more little things in my day. She inspired me to take close up pictures of my kids toys as they played. They make beautiful classic shots and what a fun memory they will be. Once I have enough, I'm sure you'll see them. In the meantime, it's fun to have Tammy influencing our daily life in so many positive ways! Welcome Tammy!


Gina said...

I'm so glad you have Tammy around to help with the long days. She is such a joy to be with. We love her. :)

Kayelynn said...

How fun! I can almost hear all the giggles coming from your house! I'm going to try the close-up toy pictures idea. Fabulous, Tammy!

Paul Thomas Garner said...

ok,ok, I love Tammy so much!! Tammy, just make sure JaNae still has stuff to talk about with me!! Love you both and wish I could be there to join in all the fun! I loved living with you JaNae...what fun memories!!

Rhonda said...

I am a little bit jealous that Tammy is living with you! But, I am really glad that she is there to help out. Sure miss you guys!