Monday, April 13, 2009


Sometimes it takes a while to realize how big things like the current "economic crisis" effects our little lives.

Although we've been living in the midst of the economic downturn for a while and definitley feel it, recently, it seems that something brings it a little closer to home everyday. Last week our neighborhood was featured in a local news story...nothing to be proud of when you realize that the topic was garbage! And of course it all boils down to effects from the economic crisis!

For those not from these parts I'll explain that we live in a pretty decent neighborhood. Sure, we live in a townhome, but when we bought it was worth way more than I ever imagined spending on even a dream home! If you watch this news'll notice that things have gone a little downhill. (actually, I just realized that the news clip gives a little too much info about where we live for a public no link!) Home prices have halved and are still not selling. 5 out of the 8 homes in our block of townhomes have gone into foreclosure. The neighborhood is now begining to slowly fill with renters as investors buy the foreclosed homes at auctions. And in the meantime, we're pretty stuck--probably like many of you out there.

Back to the garbage. The garbage company stopped picking up our trash. After a couple missed trash days we finally made a phone call and found out that the HOA is way behind on bills for trash and other things because so many homes aren't paying the HOA fees. Not surprising--but a problem. We plan on getting a little more involved in our HOA board to find some long-term solutions.

We've recently watched as neighbors with full ability to pay their mortgage walked away from their home because it just wasn't worth it to them to be that far "under water". It leaves me wondering where this whole thing will leave us?

Don't get me wrong...I'm so grateful for Ryan's good and secure job, love our home even if we hadn't planned on staying in it this long, and am grateful that we have all the basics covered and so many luxuries too. But when you watch the big picture unfold it sure is a little bemuddling!

Anyways, if it isn't hitting home enough for you, or you feel a little confused by all the techincal explanations, below is a great little video explanation of why we are in this economic crisis. It's pretty entertaining too. Be sure to watch the additonal 3 mintues by clicking on part 2 when it's done.

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Joyce said...

Your garbage situation stinks!!
Rho and I saw the Crisis of Credit video used by a speaker at an enrichment activity. It really helped us understand what happened. But now we wonder why it all got started without people knowing that they were creating a huge problem down the road.