Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Into the 30's

I turned 31 years old in out 40's here I come! (okay that's just crazy to think about!!!)

I'm just so grateful to have lived 31 wonderful years and haven't messed things up too badly yet! I feel incredibly blessed to have have a wonderful husband and 3 beautiful and thriving children. I also have an amazing mom and dad that survived me as a child and are the world's best grandparents that support me in my pursuit of motherhood and eternal happiness!

I had a fun day just spending time with my family, shopping for home decor while Ryan wrestled with kids in the pet store next door and going out to dinner with the family. There wasn't a lot I wanted for my birthday so I decided to try to find some "Pride and Prejudice" apparel since I am definitely passionate about Jane Austen!

This is just a fun T-shirt and there's one more that's had a quote I liked: "I am excessively diverted." Jane Austen just has so many great quotes to choose from!!!

This has got to be my new favorite piece of jewelry--bangles made with lines from the book P&P! Just so unique and fun! (From Etsy if you're interested.)


Paul and Nancy said...

Oh JaNae I love you!! It is about time I see a blog post all about you! I love all the P&P stuff! Those bracelets and so cute and unique. How fun!! What a fun birthday!! xxx

Melissa said...

JaNae, I just barely started the blogging thing. I saw this picture and it reminded me of when we watched Pride and Prejudice and it was so helpful for me to have you explain things. I found it so much more interesting. I'm not sure what your email is, but email me at and I'll send you an invite to our blog. Melissa Rollins