Thursday, July 16, 2009


Hayley and Maya were both in ballet/tap combo classes this year. Their recitals were the very end of May.

We scheduled our much anticipated "get-away" before we realized that the recital was on that weekend. So Tammy & Grandma did double-duty by surviving dress rehearsal the night before--not an easy task. Being a "dance mom" is no small, make up and clothes all have to be just so. I think I gave more instructions about the recital than the kids before we left! They also got up the next morning and got everyone ready and to the stage on time. Ryan and I had it easy...we just left Williamsburg first thing Saturday morning and met 3 cute little girls at the show!

They both had a ballet number and a tap number and were conveniently spread through the 2 1/2 hour it was long but so worth it to see them both succeed at something they had worked hard on.

Maya had to face up to huge fears to even make it to class each week. Sometimes I wondered if we were doing the right thing. I had very low expectations of the recital, but that little girl pulled through and got up there. She knew her steps and timidly did her very best. I loved seeing how proud of herself she was! Way to go my little shy kitty cat!

Hayley loved every minute of the lime light...our little star! She loved mastering the dances and saying "I can do it with my eyes closed!" What a cutie!

Proof that Maya really did make it on the stage in front of hundreds!

Hayley's ballet dance was so pretty. She has such natural grace and elegance!


Paul and Nancy said...

Oh my......absolutely adorable!

Skye L. said...

I agree with Nancy, so adorable!!

Anna said...

So cute! Esther missed her ballet show because it was on a Sunday but I don't even know if she realised it was on!

Kraig n Melissa said...

Your girls are so beautiful, JaNae! They look very proud of themselves, as they should be. Way to go to you too, dance mom!