Friday, July 10, 2009

A Souvenir

Oops...I forgot to include this in the "kid-free zone" post.

Williamsburg is a re-created colonial town. You can go into various stores and businesses and learn about how things were made and sold during revolutionary times.

On our little vacation I was particularly taken with the Silversmith. We went twice because it was so fun to watch them mold a beautiful tool or household item out of a chunk of silver. In the little shop they sell jewelry that would have been made by a silversmith (but isn't technically made in Williamsburg). It was fun to look at all the intricate details after just watching them show how things were made.

My sweet husband bought this ring for me from the silversmith shop. Maybe it's just the practical time of life that I'm in but I wear it instead of my wedding ring most days right now because I like it so much, plus it has great memories behind it! I love how simple and delicate it is. (I'm sure Ryan wishes I would have found this one 10 years ago and saved him the $$ but I still love my wedding ring too...a girl just loves to have options!)


Paul and Nancy said...

So elegant!! Thanks for posting it. I really like it. I I think I am also one of those girls that likes to have options. Its just nice!

Aim Aug said...