Friday, January 8, 2010

Thanksgiving 2009

My cousin Darrin, his wife, Monica and 4 kids invited our family and 2 other families of cousins in the area to their home for Thanksgiving. It was so fun to be with lots of family!

I love that being family means that there is a bond and a history there even when it's been years between meetings!

Hayley was in heaven with her new-found "cousin" and "big sister" Katelyn! I love that she has such a great example to look up to. And with her encouragement we've managed to see Katelyn twice since thanksgiving!!!

[Sidenote: Hayley & Katelyn are becoming masters at the card game "Blink"? So much know it's a winner game when mom and dad like playing it as much as the kids. And it's educational to boot! Run on out and grab a pack!]

All in all--fabulous food, fun company, chaotic fun for the kids--thanks Darrin & Monica for all your work!

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Grandma Thiriot said...

JaNae and Ryan and girls,
I loved all your wonderful pictures of Christmas and Thanksgiving. Thanks for sharing all the get-togethers you have had. You are a very busy and darling family...and isn't it great to have cousins and aunts and uncles to add to the excitement!!
love you loads,