Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Maya!

Maya is 4 years old!

We're celebrating by having a cooking party with her friends today. Should be lots of fun, planned chaos and mess!

In honor of Maya's 4 years of life I created a slide show of pictures to play on our computer screen-saver during her birthday week. The kids have been loving it. I think it will be a new family tradition. Maya's loving being the center of attention and Alice and Hayley are looking forward to having a slide show all about them!

We feel so blessed to have Maya in our family. She's been my "pause" between intense and energetic kids and I am truly grateful for her calming spirit in my life! Here are a few things we love about our Maya:

-Her "squeezy-hugs"
-The way her little foot kicks up every time she gives a hug or kiss (I thought that was just a movie thing but it came as a built in trade mark of Maya!)
-Her laid-back personality--she's fun to hang out with--low maintenance and great conversations!
-The way she says "I understand" to signal that she gets it and you need to quickly stop explaining or lecturing.
-Her pretty dancing
-Her enthusiastic singing (belting it out for all to hear!)
-Watching her slowly and cautiously come out of her shell
-The way she "flits" around--she's a constantly twirling and leaping little fairy
-Her eclectic clothing style--this kid can pull of the most amazing outfits and look truly adorable
-How she has always loved accessories--shoes, hats, necklaces, etc.
-Anytime she gets a present she says in the most sincere tone "Oh, thank you, it's what I've always wanted my whole life!!!"
-Watching her teach herself how to read!
-Watching her master whatever she puts her mind to when she is ready.

I love you Maya-girl!


Paul and Nancy said...

I loved looking at all those pictures. Thanks for sharing. Hope your party is going well. We will talk to you soon to hear how it went. Love you!

Diana said...

Happy Birthday Maya!!!
Hannah and Katie loved talking to you. And they just loved looking at your slide show. We love you
Love Diana, Hannah and Katie