Monday, February 1, 2010

Maya's Birthday Report

My Mom always made us feel so special on our birthdays. I don't know how she did it because all my efforts seriously stress me out with only 3 kids. But I have fond memories of feeling so special on my birthday-- so I do everything I can to create that feeling for my kids.

I decorate with balloons and crape paper late the night before so when they come downstairs in the morning it's been transformed into birthday-land. Then we eat their breakfast-request. We played fun music and watch Maya's picture slide show and opened a present or two. It was more of a challenge this year with 8am school for Hayley but nothing like waking up early on your birthday to squeeze all that partying in!

Maya loves to cook. She designed her cake weeks before her birthday.

A few days before I figured she and I better sit down to make another diagram so I would know fully what was expected in this well-planned and dreamed of cake. My translation after much explaining from the artist:

The finished product: She wanted a classic "birthday cake" with candy all over it. I was impressed with her patterned candy placement. It's an art!

Alice graced us with a nap so we could finish up the cake and a few last minute details before the party that afternoon. There was even a couple minutes for a quick photo-shoot before the party began!

Totally Maya's idea--a cooking party! Brilliant! Easy and fun for Mom. Here's her invite.

I love Oriental Trading--I ordered aprons, chef hats and party gift boxes with a couple of their cheap little trinkets to put in them. It sure beats dragging kids all over town to find just the right things! Here's our little chefs playing party games...

They made their own mini pita-pizzas, fruit kabob sticks and then decorated their own cupcake with candy. What kid isn't in heaven in the kitchen? It was a great low-key party success!

Maya is already planning her "next party"! Event planning is a great business when it involves so many presents!


Paul and Nancy said...

Holy Cow JaNae!!! Wow. That looks like a super fun party!! I wish I could have been invited! I want to be on the next invite list! Tell Maya! You did awesome JaNae, I am sure Maya felt very special!
Love you! xxx

Aim Aug said...

So cute! I love the hats! Maya can come decorate cakes at my house any time she wants!

Tammy said...

Wow! Such fun. Those kids look like they are having a great time. =)