Monday, February 8, 2010

A Fish Story

(note: old picture--dog is still gone!)

In honor of Ryan's birthday I thought I'd post a little about one of his hobbies and passions.

One of the things I love about Ryan is that he always has a hobby that he is passionate about. A couple years ago he decided that he needed a hobby that didn't take him away from the family--that he could do even with kids hanging on his legs (what a great dad!) So he started a fish tank.

What started as a small freshwater tank has now become a massive work of Saltwater art. It is incredible how much he has learned and what a centerpiece of our home it has become. Everyone loves to look at and watch the tank grow and change--but nobody loves it more than Ryan. He loves to spend whatever minutes he can steal late at night studying and admiring the ever-changing world in his tank.

June 2005
First Freshwater Tank
30 gallon

Nov 2008
First Saltwater Set up
30 gallon

April 2009
Upgrade to 75 gallon tank

First fish, Dec 2009

The fish now

First Corals, Nov 2008

Now the tank is full of the most beautiful corals

If you want to see more check out the slide show--or better yet, come on by. It looks much more amazing in person!

Happy Birthday Ryan!


Aim Aug said...

Yay! Will you be my fishing buddy?! Trent used to have a smallish freshwater tank set up in our bedroom. I dreaded the day it might leak. Then, our fish tank enthusist neighbor traded him a HUGE tank for building a cabinet surround for his new HUGE tank. So I've got this monster tank that Trent wants to put salt water in down in the basement. He's says it will get filled this summer....

Kraig n Melissa said...

Very cool! I wish I had more hobbies that I was passionate about. Kraig is the same way as Ryan.

Goocher said...

This message is for Ryan Messick. Ryan, I don't know if you remember us Maravilla's from Mississippi, when your dad was my bishop. I just saw that he passed in 2008, which is such a shame. Any chance I can get your's and Tyson's email address? Just shoot me an email at