Thursday, February 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Alice

Alice is 2 years old today! Sometime in the last couple months she's changed from my baby to my little girl. Quirky reasons we love having Alice spice up our lives...

-She's obsessed with my purse, wallet, keys, cell phone, etc. I think I spend an hour of every day negotiating my keys or credit card from her to drive or make a purchase. That's one way to get mommy's attention!
-Speaking of negotiations--the whole day is a negotiation! I believe that people that train to negotiate with hostages should have to spend a day with a 2 year old as their final exam: Put on clothes? Change diaper? Put on shoes? Open door? Get in car seat? Buckle car seat? Get out of car seat...and the day goes on!
-She loves to talk on the phone.
-She's always getting into or destroying something unless being actively engaged.
-Loves to climb.
-Is our little dare-devil.
-Has the best open big-mouth smile that makes my day!
-Has the best little sense of humor--loves to be laughed at--and the cutest laugh.
-My little cuddler.
-Likes to hold hands when she's just standing or sitting still.
-She hardly has a word in her vocabulary but is smart as a whip--understands and hears way more than her sisters ever do.
-Speaking of her speech delay--it's a frustrating part of her life but after many assessments we're happy that it is just that--a delay with no other issues. She's starting some speech therapy but we think she'll just burst out in sentences whenever she decides the time is right!
-Her social and outgoing personality says, "I'm here--take me as I am!"


Aim Aug said...

Wow! Birthday season at you house! She is so sweet!

Anna said...

Happy birthday Alice! 2 years is a good age!

Miss Beevers said...

Happy Birthday to Alice!!! Can't wait to meet your cute girls!! x

Hatch said...

She is darling. Do you sing, "Alice in won-der-land. How do I get to wonderland..." I happily admit, I sing it in my head when I say her name, and I love it.
Also, I did PT with Seth for a few months, and it's hard even when they come to your home. Maya is invited to come play with us if she is up to it. We would have a "special" time so she wouldnt feel jealous. ( I might be reading Isaac into the situation. Maya may be perfectly fine. )