Monday, January 31, 2011

5 Years Old

Happy Birthday Maya!
5 years old

We had fun celebrating Maya's birthday last week on a snow day.  
Hurray!  Play, play, play!

It's a family-only party on odd years for the highlights were...
-French toast and chocolate milk for breakfast
-McDonalds with Grammy 
-zu-zu pets all day 
-play in the snow
-Ikea for dinner and playing with the whole family plus Grandma
(it's what she most wanted to do to celebrate!)
-Cake and Ice cream back at home

Maya has grown up so much just in the last 6 months!  I feel like she's finally feeling more comfortable in her own life and less defensive and scared of everything.  She's so smart and seems to understand way more than she should at her age.  I'm sure going to miss my little shadow when she heads off to school this fall but I'm so happy to see her spread her delicate wings and dream of a life beyond the safety net of her home!

Interview with Maya

What's your favorite color?
every color

What do you want to be when you grow up?
I don't want to be a farmer anymore...I want to be a mom

What's your favorite thing to do with Mom?
play Clue

What do you like to do with Dad?
play Chess

What do you like to play with Alice?
play school

What do you like to play with Hayley?
Play Mouse trap

Favorite book?
Pretty Pink Purse, Magic Tree house books

Favorite movie?

What do you want to do most this year?
I want to find out what it's like to be as tall as a parent

What's your favorite breakfast?
French toast

favorite lunch?
"Pioneer Sweet Sandwiches" (= PB with jam and honey)

What's your favorite dinner?
Burritos with chips

What's your favorite dessert?
Cake and brownies

What are you good at?
I'm good at loving people, cooking with mom, reading Jack and Annie chapter books

Deep thoughts in the back of the van...
"Mom, I can’t have kids when I grow up until I find a man to love because then Jesus wouldn't know what color to make the kids' eyes”

“…and we have to get married first because it’s important that moms and dads love each other lots and lots first.”

That's right kiddo!  
(Gotta get that eye color right!)


Rhonda said...

She is such a cutie! I love her deep thoughts! Happy birthday to Maya!

Rachel =) said...

Cute! Glad I got a husband so our baby can have colored eyes =)

Brad said...

Nice post, sharing a bit about your family. I see that you are a one big happy family. Keep it up. =)
Brad Fallon