Friday, June 6, 2008

All Babies on Earth

The latest batch of cousins for our kids have all arrived on earth!

3 of my siblings and 3 of Ryan's siblings (plus us) have had babies during the past 7 months. 6 girls and 1 boy. What a miracle and blessing that so many have arrived safely...and all so very cute! Here's the report:

Avery Jane


Ryan's sister, Gina

Chloe Jean


JaNae's brother, Dean

Alice Eliza

Katherine Jane


JaNae's sister, Diana

Ruby Gayle


Ryan's sister, Rhonda

Abigail Mary


JaNae's sister, Nancy

Collin Tyler


Ryan's brother, Tyson

(I'm sure collin has much cuter pics coming but he was just born so this is all we've got! We love your little puffy face Collin!)


Kayelynn said...

What adorable babies! You are going to have quite the fun family reunions with this crew!

Ferrel Family said...

What beautiful sweet babies. Wow, I can't believe that many siblings had babies at the same time. How fun! Now you can all chat about how tired you are :) I don't know your other siblings, but you'll have to let Nancy know that her little girl is beautiful and Congrats on becoming a mother! Oh, and if she still live in Idaho, I agree about loving to come home and drink water. It really is the best out of the tap and it makes all other water taste disgusting.

Gina said...

What a cute post! SO many babies. Alice will have so many cousins her age on both sides to play with! So lucky!