Monday, June 2, 2008

Texas Trip

After the funeral we still had several days with everyone there so we had some fun and made some memories...

All four of us that are married have had (or are having) babies this year. Avery (Gina's) is 5 months, then Alice (ours) is 3 1/2 months, Ruby (Rhonda's) is 2 months. Tyson and Natalie are having a baby today...and we expect it to be a he missed out on photo shoots with all these pretty girls. It was cute to see them all together and fun to all be at the same stage with newborns.

We went to Chuck E. Cheese one day just to get the kids out of the house (it's too humid to play outside unless you're in the water!) I think we were all surprised that the adults ended up having as much fun as the kids when we discovered "Dance, Dance, Revolution." It was so new preferred way to work out.

And just for the record...I got a higher score than Ryan even though he looked cooler than me doing his moves! I've always been a dork dancing but I can follow the arrows!

Hayley, Hayden and Ashton were inseperable! They had so much fun playing together...and we loved that they needed so little supervision. They spent many hours playing "Webkinz" (a computer game their all into). They boys taught Hayley lots of fun stuff. We're so sad that Hayden and Ashton will be moving to Singapore this summer now that they're finally old enough to play together.

On our last night together we threw a surprise graduation party for Tammy. She graduated from BYU in Anthropology in April but with all that has been happening she's been a little neglected. So...we had a party with balloons, a pinata and lots of cute kids willing to collect the loot! Good job Tammy--we're proud of you!

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Ferrel Family said...

What a cute picture of all three baby girls. They will have a lot of fun as cousins! JaNae, I never knew about your hidden talent for DDR. Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun! Next time I get stuck at Chuck E Cheese, I'll have to suggest that :)