Friday, June 6, 2008

Bootie Heaven

I helped throw a shower for my sister Nancy in Utah this past week. It was suppose to happen several weeks ago but Nancy surprised us all and had Abigail almost 4 weeks early. Check out her blog for the full's pretty funny.

Anyways, the baby shower was postponed and has finally happened so now I can post the details of the fun favor Nancy helped me make while she was visiting in April. It was so easy to make and even better, it was very inexpensive. So girls...if you're throwing a baby shower anytime soon listen too could be in bootie heaven!


Hot glue gun

2 nut cups (I found them at Michaels)

A Kleenex

3 cotton balls

Cute ribbon (about 2")

A button

1. Place 3 cotton balls and the nut cup on the kleenex as in picture above.

2. Fold the corner of the kleenex over the cotton balls and into the nut cup.

3. Tuck all the edges and corners of the kleenex into the nut cup.

4. Place the second nut cup inside the first to hold the kleenex in.

5. Wahlah!

6. Glue a piece of cute ribbon to the top of the bootie.

7. Glue the button on top of the ribbon.

8. TaDa! A cute bootie.

9. Now mass produce!

10. Fill the cup part with nuts, mints, M&Ms, gummie bears or whatever else you can think of.

We had so many booties that I kept some and used them when we blessed Alice. They were sitting around the house and between church and dinner being ready they acted as nice appetizer holders.


Tawnya said...

JaNae, the booties were adorable! Thank you so much for all you did! It was so fun to put them around the house as little baby shower decorations! You're amazing!

Veldon and Joyce said...

These are just too cute.

Gina said...

I will have to remember this one! Adorable!

Kayelynn said...

Super-cute idea, JaNae! They look so easy to make. I'm putting this one in my bag of tricks! Thanks!

Alice said...

These are adorable! I'm definitely saving this one off! Thanks for sharing. :)