Monday, June 2, 2008

"I'm Home!"

What makes you say "I'm home!"?

We came home from Texas last week. Whenever we're out of town, even if it's just for a night, I'm always so excited to sink into my own bed on my own comfy pillow (no matter how faboulously comfortable the accomodations were). At the end of a long day of travelling I usually think happily with a sigh "I'm home!" (By the way...that picture isn't my real bed...but it looked so inviting!)

This time when we returned home I felt the same way about something else for the first time:
My toothbrush

Let me explain....

Yes, I took a toothbrush with me on our trip. Yes, I even brushed my teeth regularly while we were gone. but it wasn't my favorite toothbrush!

Last summer, Ryan and I got new fancy electric know, the kind that cost close to $100 that I thought people were crazy to buy. I have lots of problems when I'm pregnant with my teeth and gums (due to all those fun hormones--info you'd rather not know!). After dentists telling me for 3 pregnacies that I needed an expensive version of the electric toothbrushes I finally listened and coughed up the money. I was surprised that it was worth every penny! Those toothbrushes really do clean better than anything else. I have to say it took a week or two of giggling every time I brushed my teeth (it felt so wierd) and learning how to brush without drooling. But now it feels like I just got my teeth professionally cleaned every time I brush. There's a 2 minute timer on the toothbrush--but I'm sure mine is really 4 minutes. I guess I never really brushed for that whole 2 minutes before!

I thougth about taking the toothbrush with me on my next trip (which will probably be camping) but I can't bear the thought of something happening to it! It must be like owning expensive jewelry when you travel...which I don't!

So, last week I came home, brushed my teeth, sunk into bed and thought with a happy sigh "I'm home!"

What do trips help you appreciate? beds? toothbrushes?


Diana said...

When I get home, I'm just glad that I don't have to cart a million bags/toys/food/bottles around. Just having everything right where I need it without having to haul it in from the car.

Rhonda said...

I have always wondered if those toothbrushes were worth it. I am glad to hear you like them! I just love coming home and having a bathroom to myself. When on vacation I always get self-conscious and think that someone else is waiting to use the bathroom because I am taking too long to get ready. I just like taking my time and not stressing about it! Great post!

Paul and Nancy Garner said...

I just love coming home to that glass of water that tastes so good. Even though we are still moving from place to place, I hate going somewhere and tasting the water and feeling sick cause it is do different to what I am use to! Water taste so different in every different place. I also love being in my own kitchen with my own food! Loved your post JaNae! I want one of those toothbrushes...maybe my gums will bleed in my next pregnancy and I can buy one!

Kayelynn said...

That does look like a nifty toothbrush! I have to say that I am always happy to be back with my own pillow when I return from vacation. I usually get a kinked neck when I travel and have to sleep on a different pillow. And I agree with Rhonda and Nancy about the bathroom time and weird water.

Alayna said...

Well i like the feel of opening the door to a clean house ( but then hate it when all the bags are put down) and running up the stairs and last drinking the true Harrogate water.
love alayna