Sunday, August 31, 2008

Blowing Bubbles

I love blowing bubbles in the summertime. But I guess after blowing a few too many when Hayley was a baby I discovered bubble machines. Now the beginning of each summer is celebrated by me when I purchase a new machine that can blow 1000s of bubbles super-fast! Somehow I lost my enthusiasm for blowing them myself and find myself thrilled with the fact that I can push a button and the kids are entertained and I no longer have to sit and blow.

Earlier this summer I realized that Maya had missed out on the simple joys of blowing her own bubbles...

She got her own little bottle of bubbles from a birthday party and one night when everyone else was busy she and I went out onto the porch to blow her bubbles. She watched me do it the first time then I handed her the wand and expected that she would know how to blow bubbles! Nope! She stuck the wand into her mouth and blowed. Then looked at me with a concerned and confused look and said "yuck!" I guess bubble blowing wasn't all she had imagined it to be. After I stopped laughing and realized that I had missed teaching this poor child the basic skills of blowing, she got a one-on-one tutoring lesson and we had fun blowing bubbles for quite a while.

Just for memories's a picture of Hayley with our first bubble machine. She was 13 months in these pictures (May 2004).

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Joyce said...

Hayley seemed so grown up when I talked to her today. It is fun to see toddler pictures of her. Maya's determined expression is priceless.