Saturday, August 16, 2008

Free Ride!

Alice has mastered the art of scooting around the house at an impressive speed in her walker (it helps that we have all wood floors).

Maya has discovered that she can hitch free rides. At first I don't think Alice knew why it was suddenly harder to walk but now she's wiser and knows that there's a certain sister taking advantage of her muscular little legs...and usually complains!

Her revenge (whether intentional or not) is in the smashing and stubbing of toes with her walker as she flies into you. Maya is convinced it is on purpose.... and usually fights back by pushing the walker hard across the room...(which Alice usually enjoys--but don't tell Maya)

...and so the sibling rivalry begins!


Natalie said...

I can't believe Alice is strong enough to be walking with Maya hitching a ride. She is going to get huge muscular legs.

Diana said...

I love it. What cute girls. Wow, JaNae you are in for a fun ride!