Monday, August 4, 2008

Welcome Cousins!

I'm a couple weeks late posting this...but we want to welcome more cousins to this side of the USA! We're so excited that Ryan's sister Gina and her husband Kirtis decided to move out here. They have 2 kids: Jackson (3 1/2) and Avery (8 months). The best part is they're only about 40 minutes away from us so we get to play! Jackson came for a sleepover and 2 days of fun while his mom and dad tried to make some sense out of all the boxes. He's a fun little guy and we're so excited to know him better. We've already had fun meeting up for a BBQ and Gina and I even tried shopping with 5 kids (we didn't do too bad!) Anyways, Welcome! Welcome!


Joyce said...

They all look so happy to be together.

Tammy Messick said...

You guys must be crazy--shopping with all five? Sounds like fun!

Diana said...

It is going to be fun having them close to play. I can't believe how much he looks like Curtis.