Saturday, August 16, 2008

Fred-a-lina Flinstone

Maya hasn't figured out pedaling yet....and has no need any time soon!

Recently she has chosen this old little bike to be her favorite and can she ever ride...Fred Flinstone style! This picture doesn't show it but often she's even in bare feet like good ol' Fred! She gets her little toes paddling along at an incredible speed. It's so funny to watch her because she makes it look like it takes no effort at all: her head turns casually from side to side as if she's taking in the scenery as she flies past you with her feet gently pitter-pattering. Somehow all that non-effort gets her zooming! Then if you say "stop" she can stop on a dime. I haven't figured out how.

Anyways, as Ryan put it after observing her new skill, "she owns that bike!" So go my little Fred-a-lina Flinstone...I have no reason to make you try to peddle!

1 comment:

Kayelynn said...

So cute! I can almost picture her speeding away into the sunset!