Sunday, December 14, 2008

Our Camera Woes!

It's a sad day when your camera breaks!

One Sunday afternoon as we walked in from church, the girls were all in a great mood and looking adorable in their new Christmas dresses that Grandpa and Grandma sent and the lighting was perfect so I pulled out the camera and bribed them with chocolate to sit still for two more minutes while I snapped a few pictures...

That was the last picture that worked. After the photoshoot when I went back to look at the pictures this was what I saw...

They even sat still for quick individuals but this was all I got...

We bought our dream camera almost 5 years ago. It was a digital SLR (which means you can control everything manually if you want to) and it actually takes pictures when you push the button...not 3 seconds later. We've loved it. It helped Ryan and I pursue a photography hobby together. I took a class. We took lots of pictures...dreamed of one day starting a business but then had 2 more kids and got too busy taking their pictures to build anything but our own family. We've loved our camera.
I always thought that the end of our camera would come when one of the kids pulled it off the table, or one of us dropped it or some other tragic end. It was a little wierd that it just stopped working mid-shoot! There's nobody to blame...not even myself to be mad at! After being in denial for a while (we kept picking it up and taking a picture once in a while...hoping that it would just start working again) I did do some trouble-shooting over the phone with a canon rep. I plan on mailing it in to get a free quote on a repair. It's a shutter problem and we expect it to be expensive so who knows when and if we'll fix it?!?

In the meantime, we were finally going to get a small camera for Christmas this year. I carry too much kid-junk when I go places to also carry another whole bag just for the camera so I need one that will slip in my purse or pocket. We sped up the buying process and opened it early because who can live without a camera? I am really excited about the new camera but I'm sad that this camera is now replacing our old one instead of being a supplement to it! So this is the new little machine that will be responsible for capturing all those precious moments. One big plus of this one is that it has a now you can watch our craziness in action!

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Joyce said...

When I saw the half black pictures, I got a sick feeling in my stomach. I am so sad that your camera is broken and beyond repair.
But looking forward to some videos.