Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Train Around the Christmas Tree

Isn't it interesting and wonderful that the Christmas we create revolves around memories? One thing that I remember as a kid is spending hours playing with and trying to get our electric train to run around our Christmas tree. There was something so fun and magical about watching it slowly choo choo around the tree.

I have thought about adding it to our Christmas decor but didn't want to invest in one yet and didn't think we had the space. Well, in my black Friday romp around the stores this year I found this great little electric train on a great deal and just couldn't pass it up! We still don't have space for it to run around the tree but we set it up in the front room and play with it some days. The kids love it! As you'll see from the video, Alice wants to be a train when she grows up!

As you'll see from the video, Alice wants to be a train when she grows up!


Joyce said...

What a great train. So glad you bought it for the girls and for the memories.

Rhonda said...

Alice is so funny! The train is great! I love your new blog layout and all of the new pictures. Your girls are so beautiful. I especially love the one of Maya looking down...her hair is adorable!! I loved all of your ideas for the zoo and will definitely be copying those someday.

I just love reading your blog, JaNae! Every time google reader says you have posted, I get so excited because I always know there will be something good.

Can't wait to see you in just a few weeks!!!

Gina said...

Oh! Sweet Alice! And what a fun train, too!

Paul and Nancy Garner said...

Oh, I always loved the train at home!! It was one of my favorite too!! Alice is such a cutie!! Is she walking yet? I need to call you! Love youxx

Kayelynn said...

I love the video! So cute she kept going around and around! Is that a horse coming out of your wall? I hope you had a fun Christmas!

Ferrel Family said...

What a fun thing to have, the girls look like they loved the train. What cuties. I wrote the Christmas poem, I was feeling some what creative that day. It was hard to write everything that went on, so I opted for a short poem. I guess I was kind of lazy too :) It was fun seeing you guys at the Fotheringhams! Alyvia loved playing with Hayley! We've got to get those two girls together more often. Take Care,