Monday, December 1, 2008

Sleep before perfectionism

I'm usually a perfectionist when it comes to this blog. I want to design the look myself and take the time to tweek it all to get what I want. I really enjoy the process. Last night I wanted to change things to a Christmas theme. I was even going to update the side bars which are way out of date! But the result says...let me tell you about my month!

1st flu bug: Ryan then JaNae (10 days of misery!)
2nd flu bug: Hayley, then JaNae (4 days after I got better!) then Maya and Alice
Ear infections as a result of that bug: Hayley, Maya & Alice (of course we had to make 2 trips to the doctor to get all those confirmed!)
Penicillin reaction: Maya
Peanut butter reaction: Alice (yes, she's only 10 I didn't give her a peanut butter sandwich...she ate Maya's off the floor...I had been on the phone with the drs office too many times already that day...they already thought I was a crazy I just dosed her with some benedryl and all turned out well...remember I'm a tired, sick and barely functioning momma at this point!)
Stomach bug: Maya (today)...and we're waiting for the next victim
Teething: Alice...never-ending
Not sleeping all night: Everyone...with 3 kids that means a lot of random wake-ups and some very tired parents!
Refusing to sleep unless in bed with mom and dad: Alice (we've never caved in to this one for long before...I don't sleep well with 3 in bed...but we're barely making it so for now we're reinforcing this bad habit in the hope of some sort of sleep!)

So as far as blogs go...I'm throwing perfection out the window. If it didn't take any time, I'd switch back to the old look so that you didn't have to catch everything that needs to be changed. But to be honest the kids are in bed...Ryan's on a business it will be a long single-mom night. I better get a jump start!

Send a prayer this way...we need some healthy blessings around here!


Gina said...

Oh man! You guys cannot cut a break! I'm sorry! You've got to be so worn down and exhausted by now! Sending healthy-wishes your way!!!

Joyce said...

I am so sorry to hear that all of you have been so sick. It is especially hard on you because you have to keep it all together even when you feel crummy. I love the picture of the girls - the arms, blue eyes and smiles. The dresses are so cute too. Sending my prayers your way. Love you all.

Paul and Nancy Garner said...

I am praying right now!! Love you so much! Sorry about the phone call today! Bad timing...sound like Maya was sick again! I will call you soon!! xxx

Andy and Krista said...

Oh man, you are a trooper JaNae! I am not going to lie, you had me laughing...I think because it's just wild how much craziness can be thrown your way at once!! I haven't seen you in forever, so hopefully next week, yea!

Kayelynn said...

Oh my goodness, JaNae! Consider yourself caught up on the blog and go to sleep! I hope you all feel better SOON!

Anna said...

Sounds similar to mine though I only have 2 children to deal with. Chicken pox round 1 - Esther, 2 weeks later chicken pox round 2 Eliza, I get a chest infection right over my birthday, then Eliza gets chest infection with gunky eyes. SOmetimes it seems to neverend. SOmewhere in this Eliza (our 9 month old) gets used to sleeping in bed with mum and dad so I can sooooo sympathise with you!!! Hope things are getting better for you!! Just in case you are wondering who this is it's Anna Beevers (as was) from the UK!! I think your blog is great! I love looking to see what your girls are up to since mine are a similar age. Take Care!

strong said...

Holy Cow JaNae! It sounds like a crazy week. If is any consolation, I still think you are a perfect mom. If you've checked out my blog, I'm not even attempting all the cute things you always do. I loved the pictures of all the girls in their matching red dresses. Hang in there!

Paul and Nancy Garner said...

K, So I took a peek cause I knew you were working on your blog!! It looks so cute! I love it! The pictures are adorable!! Did Tammy take them? It is so crazy, your family looks so big!! I love you guys! (oh and Mayas hair is darling!) Well I am at Dianas house if you get a chance. Time difference may be easier! xxx