Sunday, May 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Hayley!

Our Hayley bug is growing up so fast! She turned 6 in April. It seemed like a week-long celebration.

The Saturday before her birthday we had a simple easter-theme party at home (it was the day before Easter). It was the day after we got home from our little vacation, so we threw together an easter egg hunt, games, easy crafts and snacks (gotta love oriental trading!). Kids are so easy to please!

I thought I'd be up half the night before making some amazing cake request. I was thrilled when Hayley said she wanted chocolate cupcakes with pink frosting that has mini-chocolate chips in it. I can handle that! I don't know where she got the idea but I highly recommend the mini chocolate chips in frosting idea--yummy!

Games in the basement: here's our easter egg dart throwers...Ryan is the target!

This was a really fun game idea that they loved...kind of like musical chairs with no winners/losers. Start with multiple hoops. When the music is playing everyone dances outside the hoops. When the music stops everyone has to hop in a hoop. You take away a hoop each time. The kids think it's hillarious to squish into one hoop at the end. We made them yell "Happy Birthday Hayley" everytime they jumped in the hoop. Pretty fun! Here's the silly kids...

Ryan had to work a long day on Hayley's birthday so we went out to dinner at Chuck E Cheese the night before and even let her open her presents that night.

Here's my pretty birthday girl on her actual birthday! A conversation with Hayley...
My name is: Hayley

My favorite color is: every color

If I could spend all day doing one thing it would be: draw all day

I really like to: play with my friends

One of my favorite foods is: bananas

My least favorite food is: plain celery (has to have peanut butter!)

I am really talented when it comes to: racing

If I could be a book/cartoon character I'd be: Belle

My favorite animal is: horse

If I could have a pet I’d have a: dog

My favorite memory with my family is: when I was born (I'm impressed if that's a memory! I think she means she loves to hear the story!)

My favorite scripture story is: Moroni

My favorite Primary song is: I am a Child of God

Anything else you want to tell us: I love looking at pictures of me and my sisters. I love to make bracelets.

Her big present was a scooter. It had been rainy all week so she had practiced in the house but this was the first spin outside on a dry day. Within a couple of days she was a pro and goes so fast I can barely stand to watch!

Little sisters trying to keep up! The scooter has been such a hit that we actually went and got a 3 wheeled one so Hayley and Maya can scoot around the neighborhood together. Fun times!

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Kayelynn said...

What a cute birthday week! Little did we know we were partying on the same day! :) Tyler got a scooter, too. I like how low to the ground it is so it's hard for him to crash too hard.