Saturday, May 2, 2009


I discovered this great fence thing recently. It can be formed into all sorts of shapes and sizes and we are loving what it keeps Alice out of! We were able to fence off a corner of the front room so that Hayley and Maya can play without being terrorized by little sister. They love having a safe little playland! As long as I keep rotating toys (the magic secret of happy playing!) all keep playing.

We've also been using it to keep Alice's little fingers just far enough away from the kids computer when they are trying to play computer games (random banging on the keyboard is enough to send anyone into a fit of frustration). It works around our little TV--so the girls can now watch a movie without having to restart it every 30 seconds thanks to Alice's tricky button fingers! I can even mop one room at a time when Alice is awake by fencing her out (our floor plan is really open without doors between rooms so it's been impossible in the past).

As a side-note to my great product find: these two cute sisters are just the best of play partners now! They are both in the thick of imaginary play and can hardly bare to be separated for school hours. The past two weeks their favorite game has been "dogs". Usually Maya is the dog and Hayley the owner...starts the moment they wake up. How fun to have a sister!


Jeni said...

I need one of those! Where can I get one?

Joyce said...

I love that they are playing so well together. Looks like they are having so much 'barbie' fun.

JaNae said...

Oh yeah, I guess I should have told you what kind of fence it is...It's a Superyard XT gate. I got mine from someone selling on Craigslist. It has 6 panels--you can use all 6 in a hexagon or use as few as you want. They even sell extensions if you need more. We use 3 a lot and tie one end to a piano leg or a banister.

Kayelynn said...

Fabulous idea! (and that is one darling doll house, too!)