Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I'm so grateful for the seasons! It always feels so good to slip into a cozy warm sweater in fall when the air finally feels cool again. And as summer approaches my toes are so excited to reunite with flip flops and have more freedom again!

It's so easy to complain about the weather. We all do it. But right now I'm enjoying the teasing nature of spring. Last week we got a little taste of summer...

Maya has been asking me for the last month if it's hot enough to run through sprinklers and I keep telling her not quite yet. So when we hit the 90's and were still in April I was a little shocked, but couldn't really say no to swim suits and sprinklers anymore!

But alas, it was just a little taste of things to come....today we enjoyed slipping back into those ever so fun boots and splashing in puddles with clothes on!

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Tammy said...

What a darling photo of your golashes!