Sunday, May 3, 2009

Museum-ing with the kids

I'm slowly getting back into the swing of entertaining and engaging the mind of a preschooler. I used to do so much with Hayley when she was Maya's age and I'm getting back into the groove of it again. It's such a fun age...they are just little sponges! Maya is more of a homebody but is slowly getting less stressed-out in crowded areas.

A week or so ago we hit the downtown scene with some friends while Hayley was at school. I love the American History far my favorite Smithsonian! Such a variety of displays to check out. And now that they've added two awesome kids science-y areas we are just in heaven there!

This was the winning picture of the day! I left Maya arranging these shapes in mirrors while I chased Alice and came back to find her entertaining herself with funny faces! What a cute little goose!

So many other cool activities but I only pulled out my camera now and then!

I love all these hands on learning things! We could have stayed so much longer but had to get home to pick up Hayley from school. She was such a great sport about missing out. I think leaving Hayley out is half the reason I don't ever want to plan fun things with Maya and Alice during the day but I'm learning to just get on with it. I did so much with Hayley when she was younger so she's really not "missing out" it's just her turn to do other things, right?!

And gotta get that shot of the car ride...after all that's half the fun...what kid wouldn't love chocolate chip cookies and a movie as you are magically beamed home?

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Paul and Nancy Garner said...

I still cannot get over how beautiful Maya is!