Monday, January 24, 2011

Fun Blogs!

I have one last Christmas decoration that is still decking my halls...

I've had a blank wall for years and always thought I would eventually fill it with a cool clock.  But then last fall I saw this awesome idea.  Some great creative person creates a "subway art" print with a seasonal theme--then posts in on their blog.  I print it and put it in a frame.  Change it with the holidays and seasons.  Easy!  I'm loving it.  Craftily-Ever-After has my favorite ones so far.  Here's the one that I want to put up this week because Christmas is really over and I'm ready for Valentines day!  She also had a great Thanksgiving one that is hiding in the frame waiting to cycle through again next year.

My sister has been sharing all kinds of fun subway art ideas and big print word art for walls around the home.  Here's another if you're interested.  I think it's a great, budget-friendly way to fill in the gaps that I've had for years!  Send me your links if you have any favorites.  I'm interested in finding some literary quotes right now.


Another blog that I've been having fun with recently is Simply Fresh Designs.  She's got some great ready-to-print things for kids and families.  I love that these people share their talents!  She made several sets of "quiet books" for church.  I had them printed as 4x6 pictures then laminated them and put them on rings.  My kids are loving reading them during church.  We're also using the set of scripture ones to talk about scripture stories during dinner.  So go get printing!

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Kayelynn said...

Kim put one of these quiet books together several years ago. I think I still have the file somewhere, but you could email her if your kids are ready for a different "something" for church.