Monday, January 24, 2011

New Look!

We finished the last of the BIG redecorating projects that I'm blaming on "nesting" (even though they've been on my to do list forever!)  Apparently while I'm surviving pregnancies....Ryan is surviving my nesting urges!  I don't even come close to feeling sorry for him but I really do appreciate how dang hard I ask him to work!

Old front room

Our front room is one room that we haven't repainted since we bought our home 6 1/2 years ago.  Above is an old picture of the front room (I always forget to take "before" I had to dig a little).  It had a thick white chair rail half way up the wall with a dark color below and light color above.  I used to really like it, but it needs to be repainted and might as well be updated too....

See the old wall....not the kissing hands going on in the foreground!

We were so excited to successfully recruit some awesome family members that helped us work double time and made it possible to complete everything in just over 24 hours!
Somehow the kids were angels...not sure what they were doing the whole time but they stayed out of the way, scavenged for food and must have not been fighting too much!

Me, Joyce (Ryan's mom) and Ryan
We decided to take the chair rail off, mud the evidence, sand and paint the whole wall one color.
Problem was I didn't decide on a color until they were almost ready to start painting...we just crossed our fingers that we were going to like it!

Ryan & Benj
(My mom came too but I don't have a picture!)

And the "after" pics...

 A big part of this redecorating project was that we had to move the 75 gallon saltwater tank twice!
Once to get it out from the wall...then refill while painting...then empty and move to new spot.
That is no small job and creates just a little bit of stress. 
I know that Ryan really loves me when he agrees to risk his beloved tank for my whims of redecorating!
I'm happy to say that all the fish and corals survived!

It's so amazing what a difference it makes!  
I love it and am so glad to cross one more thing off the list!!!

Now to suffice myself with the less-physically demanding things of my list for the last 7 weeks...not that I'm counting....


Paul and Nancy said...

It looks so great!! I sure it feels so good every time you walk through the room! Can't wait to see the next project you are working on!

Aim Aug said...

Pretty! Send some of that nesting driving my way! I've got loads of projects I'm currently not getting around too....

Miss Beevers said...

Fabulous!!!! Just ready for some family photo's to grace the walls! Maybe I can help out there at somepoint! ;)

Kayelynn said...

It looks great! Wow, you guys have been so busy redecorating, this baby will be born to a whole "new" house! Sounds like you are all having fun with the changes. I hope you get to put your feet up and REST now!