Friday, April 18, 2008

Dancing the day away!

Dancing is a daily event in our house. Maya is our little DJ. She makes sure there is someting blasting from the karaoke machine most of the time. She and Hayley spend hours dancing. Lately, my country music CDs have been their favorite....a nice change for me from Disney!

This is my favorite! Maya is trying to copy exactly what Hayley is doing...she's a pretty good little student, huh?


Veldon and Joyce said...

The denim skirt and dress are perfect outfits for the country music. I love Maya's head-near-the-ground-bow. This afternoon Hayley danced through all of a Charlotte Church CD. She did a tissue dance - it was so cute to see her holding a Kleenex in each hand.

Jared A. Johnson said...

These are great pictures. When I got called as the stake DJ I started testing some of the songs with my kids, and they have a great time. Alexa's favorite is the Chicken Dance, and Dallin prefers the YMCA. Stephanie and I can't contain our laughter when they get going.