Friday, April 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Hayley!

Hayley turned 5 this week! Wow! What a fabulous 5 years it has been.

Thank you for making me a mother Hayley...for being a strong enough little spirit that I can learn how to mother through you, my first child. You've taught me so much and helped me to become a better person already in your 5 years.

It seems like 5 is such a turning point. I'm excited to see you start to spread your wings and fly on your own now and then. I know you'll do amazing things.

This year we introduced the concept of having a big birthday party with friends only on even this year Hayley invited just one friend over--Carly. They got together the day before her birthday. Hayley planned the whole party using a kids princess cookbook we found at the library. They had fun painting flower pots. We filled the flower pots with ice cream (chocolate so it looked like dirt) then put sprinkles on top and stuck a straw and silk flower in it. They looked really cute. After they ate the ice cream Ryan took them outside and helped them plant some flower seeds in their pots. They also decorated their own cake. So fun!

The next day, on Hayley's real birthday we just had a lazy fun day at home playing together and dancing lots (more pics of that to come). A few of her friends come over to tell her happy birthday during the day, then we met Daddy at Chuck E. Cheese (again, planned by Hayley). What a great birthday!

The day after her birthday, Hayley came into my room and started telling me all about her plans for her next birthday. What a great planner she is! Only 364 days to go!


Andy and Krista said...

Okay JaNae- Really your blog is soooo cute! You did such a good job. It seems like all of that thinking and debating really paid off!! The pics of your kids are darling too! I love the little "about me" section. It really catches their personalities! Great job! Now I could use a pointer or two....

Ferrel Family said...

Hayley is such a little model, look at that those cute poses she struck! I can't believe she's 5! We must be getting old :) Looks like she had a great birthday! Great call on Chuck E Cheese. My kids went to a birthday party there once and didn't stop talking about it. Infact, I think they still mentioned it a few months later. Fun Place!