Friday, April 18, 2008

A day at the Zoo

Look at that smile! Alice loves the zoo too!

We spent a day at DC Zoo with our friends Alyvia, Berkely and Samantha. Climbing was much more fun than actually watching the animals!

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Ferrel Family said...

Love the pics! They turned out great. Send some my way when you get a chance. I had to laugh, in the first set of photos there's a sign that clearly reads "Hazard, stay off the guardrail" Then the last set of pics you have the picture of where we let our kids hang on the guardrails. Rebel mommies!
We had a ton of fun. Oh, by the way, it took forever when we left the zoo parking because I decided to just get a fonz pass, The cost of parking was half way there anyways :) So we're game to go to the zoo whenever, Call us!